Nordens Ark

Foto: Tom Svensson/ Nordens Ark Nordens Ark is the perfect place to spend a day for all ages. It educates, entertains and energize everybody that visits. Nordens Ark is only 10 minutes by car from Bottna Inn. Visit their website by clicking here


A UNESCO World heritage site that you must not miss if you are here. The museum is recently upgraded and will give young and old a memorable day. How did our ancestors live? How were they dressed? This and many more questions will be answerd if you visit Vitlycke. A perfect place to visit come rain or sun. Visit their website, by clicking here


The multicoloured fishing huts on the pier at Smögen is one of Swedens most recognisable images. IKEA has had this picture in its shops all over the world. Smögen is only 20 minutes by car from Bottna Inn. For more informtion read about Smögen at Turistrådet West Sweden


Camilla Läckbergs murder village.

A small fishing village with the most amazing history! Everybody that comes here are immediately in love.

Just watch out for Swedens crime author Camilla Läckberg. She has written 10 thrillers all based in Fjällbacka and she has murdered more people than you can imagine. Ingrid Bergman called this her paradise on earth, it is where she spent every summer for over 30 years. Fjällbacka is only 20 minutes by car from Bottna Inn. Come! You vill love it. To book a guided tour click here.