Your day planner

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Once you’ve booked your stay at Bottna Inn, how do you plan your day?

As always, it depends on the weather. If it is sunny you go to the seaside. There are several excellent places to enjoy a dip in the North Sea, not far from us. The nearest is Gerlesborgskolan, 1 km from Bottna Inn. They have a small restaurant. Another 600 meters, you’ll find Långekärr. A very popular spot with the locals. Another 600 meters, you’ll find Långekärr. A very popular spot with the locals.
We have bicycles that you can borrow, why not take a coffee basket “fika ” with you, or we can pack a lunch box for you. 

Bovallstrand has possibly the nicest place for sunbathing  in northern Bohuslän. There you will find a small sandy beach, sun drenched hot rocks to sit on, a diving board, even a small shed to change into your swimsuit in.

Bovallstrand has two restaurants and a supermarket for ice cream.

Further west is more swimming places, Hunnebostrand and Ramsvikslandet. 

If the weather is overcast or windy, a trip inland to the historically loaded area of Vrångstad is recommended. 1,5 km north east of Bottna Inn it is perfect for a bike ride.

The area has been inhabited over a very long time. You can find rock carvings from the Bronze age here as well as Iron age graves, a stone ring and a canal built by stoneworkers in the 1930. The stone canal was built to drain a lake and create more arable land, to create work in the terrible time of the 1930s depression.

Not far from Vrångsta lies Bottna church, built over 1000 years ago at the time when the Vikings were converted to Christianity. The church has some stones reused from the old religion.

Why has the area been inhabited all this time? Probably because of its location in the sheltered are of the Bottna Fjord. The water ways were the only transport links for 1000s of years. Plus the fantastic landscape!

If it is food you want to explore, try Gerlsesborgsskolan’s kitchen. They specialise in local organic food, mainly vegetarian dishes.  It is run by Branneby.
In Bovallstrand is Strandcafeet, an excellent fish restaurant with seating outside on the pier. Here is a good place to watch the sunset.

If it is art that sets your pulses going, visit Gerlesborgskolan, KKV and Udden. Gerlesborgsskolan is an art college started by Arne Isacsson 1944 and one of the best-known art colleges in Scandinavia.

Right behind the school is Gerle’s farm. A farm with two large storage barns for grain, mainly oats, destined for the brewery horses in England. Large cargo ships came into the fjord to load. They delivered exotic goods for the shop that was located on the farm. This is described in a well-known book by Emily Flygare Carlen, “Ett köpmanshus i Skärgården”. Emily was one of Sweden’s first literary exports, over 100 years ago.

KKV or the artist cooperative workshops, is a mixture of workshops for stonemasons, graphic, metal and textile artist. Every summer they host a big exhibition of the works for sale. On my evening walks I look forward to seeing if there is a new sculpture displayed, ready for transport to it’s final destination. KKV is only 600 meters from Bottna Inn. It takes me 4 minutes to walk there. I have timed it.

If old churches are your passion, we have several in the vicinity. Svenneby old church is my favourite. It has recently been renovated for a vast amount of money. All the gold that was put up in the 18th century has been removed and the old medieval church has emerged. The simplicity is breath-taking.

A slightly newer church is in Kville. This church was built 1864 and is the largest church in north Bohuslän. The story behind the building centres around the charismatic priest J H Holmqwist. If you come to Bottna Inn I will tell you his story.

I am a guide for north Bohuslän and storytelling is my passion. This whole area has had its fair share of border skirmishes, tragedies, hardship, murder and glory.   Come and see for yourself.

The best way to finish your day is on the veranda at Bottna Inn.