What to see and do

The area around the Bottna Fjord has lots to see and do. Check the menu for the latest and most exiting.

2020 has been a different year for all of us. The tourist industry is not the same and will not be the same for some time to come. I hope that you are all well wherever you are. 

When it is possible to visit us, I hope you will come. 

Bottna Inn is ideal as a base to explore the beautiful area off north Bohuslän. Bottna Inn is a little bit outside all the big attractions. We have peace and quite in the off season. Why not come then and see one of the most beautiful places in the world? Smögen and Fjällbacka is only 20-25 minutes car drive. Nordens Ark only 10 minutes away. The World Heritage site of Vitlycke only 35 minutes. 

But if you are looking for the more local attractions, let me tell you, there are lots. We have nature walks for every rambler. Lovely walks from 4 km to 23 km. I can supply you with “fika”, coffee and buns or a heartier packed lunch.


A walk in the forest is now called a forest bath! Immerse yourself in the sights and smells of the forest. Autumn leaves smell fantastic. Did you know that birch leaves are perfect soap?
We are by the sea but there is also a small lake not far away. The local walk takes you there.
From the hills behind us this is what you see, the sea.
I love walking on these old trade routes, who walked here 100 years ago?
A place of worthship or a place to settle disputes? We do not know. It is not Stonehenge but magical all the same and only 2 km from Bottna Inn. Dates back to the Iron Age.