Svenneby old church

Svenneby old church is a fascinating project. The church has recently been renovated. The project took over 2 years and cost far more than anticipated. The team restored the church back to the 12th century, back to the days when it was first build. A time when many churches was built around Scandinavia as Christianity took hold of the Vikings and Thor was ousted by Jesus.

Every step of the way, old techniques were rediscovered and used. They burned lime at the church, just as they would have done 900 years ago. Old psalm books were found under the floorboards, where they had been discarded. Nobody knows why?

A book was written by Catharina Göransson telling us how the project progressed and fascinated both the congregation and scholars and building experts around the world. Many came to study the restoration and see the old techniques in action.  

The result is stunning in its simplicity. A quite place for prayers and contemplation. A place of outstanding beauty. A piece of history that can now live for another 1000 years.


A new roof and new walls, it will stand for many years to come.